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First fully automated trading algorithm with rapid response to changes in trading volume


Who we are

Our team is working on creating a trading algorithm that will bring stable passive income from trading on crypto-currencies. We do not need big investments. We do not need investments at all. However, we want to tokenize our work, by attracting third-party investments to maintain interest in development, speed, and so We also involve third-party testers in our algorithm. The algorithm does not use technical analysis, it does not predict price behavior, since this is impossible. He only conducts a deep analysis of a L2, T&S and a burst of volume, which can tell us about beginning of a directed movement. The average result of the algorithm for the month is 43.7% from initial deposit. Thus having on account 1 BTC in a month you will have almost 1.44 BTC, in 2 months - 2.06 BTC, and in 6 months the possible profit will reach 8 BTC. Unfortunately, the profit will not always grow exponentially, as the market may lack liquidity. However, we can say with confidence that the robot will be bring a stable income.


Note! This algorithm show you 11% profit per 3 days of work. But this automatically trade system. But this will be availbe if total investments will be more than 14 BTC

Month of work
Average profit per order in %
Total portfolio amount in BTC

Why invest in us is profitable

Own token for app

You should hold ZOMC token in your ETH wallet if you want to use our service

Buy back

We will regularly buy back tokens for 50% of our revenue every month after the launch of the robot

Passive income

The algorithm will make transactions for you.

Trade signals

You will receive high-quality signals with entry points and recommendations to fix profit (more than 5 times per day)


ICO period - 03 April 2018 - 24 April 2018
ERC20 Token: ZOMC
Total amount - 100 000
For sale - 90 000 (90%)
Team reserve - 10 000 (10%)
We accept ONLY BTC
If you want to participate, you should fill the form (Email, BTC address, ETH address before sending BTC).
After that you will receive email with addition info (token amount, BTC address for investing)
The ZOMC tokens will be distributed within 3 days after completion of the ICO


5 BTC - revision, testing of the trading algorithm for trading on bittrex, poloniex, creation of a telegram bot for signals publication about potential transactions
9 BTC - binance, bitfinex, kukoin, cryptopia, hitbtc integration, creating ML + AI for recommendations for take profits
14 BTC - integration of third-party exchanges based on community voting, trading bot creation for automatic trading and risk management
19 BTC - arbitrage bot creation

How we will work

1. Finalize the algorithm, create a Telegram bot with signals
2. Tokenholders will receive signals
3. Will create auto trading bot
4. 50% of our profit we will spend for buy back


March 2017 - start our work, algorithm research
July 2017 - first profit results
January 2018 - development start
March 2018 - ICO preparing
3 April 2018 - Start Token Sale
24 April 2018 - End Token Sale
27 April 2018 - Token distribution
1 June - Release trading algorithm and telegram bot for testing (beta test), listing our token on cryptocurrency exchanges
15 June - End of Milestone 1
10 Jule - End of Milestone 2
30 Jule - End of Milestone 3
1 September - beta test of arbitrage bot, fix bugs and run ASAP
10 September - share access to arbitgare bot between token holders


The trading algorithm is developed, tested and already works. We should move our software from desktop to the server side NODE.JS, test the load, create a bot, perform a final check and run it for you. We propose to invest as much as possible for one person, because only those who participated in ICO will be able to use the bot. Further purchase of tokens on the exchange will not give you the opportunity to use our bot. We attract investments in order to add liquidity to the trade. However, the large number of people who will use our bot can lead to the wrong operation of the algorithm. We want to collect 14 BTC for the work of the bot (5 extra BTC will use for the arbitration bot). The estimated load, which does not affect the algorithm - 100 people. On this basis, we recommend investing 0.14 BTC per person, but if you will invest more, the number of participants will decrease and the algorithm will work even better

How to participate

Fill the form. We will check you in a few hours and send you an email with information about the number of tokens that you buy and the address where to send BTC

Participate in project

Participate in project

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